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You are now about to learn the one key element missing in new home construction here in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Below is a Standard Soffit, under your gutter. We've cut it out completely as it was solid like 99% of the homes in Dallas. This one was full of insulation as you can see in the photo. Needless to say, we end up having to vacuum the entire yard. The point is:

There is no AIR INTAKE on the majority of the homes here in the DFW area. 20 Year Shingle Roofs last less than 10 years. Start to blow away after 5 years. 30 year shingle roofs last just over 10 years. Why? Because the oils and tar that seal the shingles together have basically dried up from the heat with in the attic and lack of over all ventilation. We all know all too well that Attics in Texas are just HOT! Nails and staples get driven back up from the heat, lifting the shingle tabs up slightly, just enough for the winds to get under them and blow them away. We've all see this time and time again. DFW roofers count on this each and every year for repeat business.

The standards around DFW are whirly birds or turbines (same thing). (On a personal note: I've been removing these Turbines since the mid 80s and upgrading homes to the full ridge vent. I've personally been installing full ridge vents for over 20 years and never have done a single roof with out them!

With no air intake ? There is no air out. Sure, with the new storms of April 08, and my rantings over the last few years. Dallas Roofers are finally starting to put full ridge vents in place. Kudos' for catching up with the times there DFW Roofing Contractors!

How is this all going green? Imagine the amount of shingle waste ending up in the local land fills? Or the fact that repeated low life cycle replacement has more than doubled the land fills around DFW with roofing material that didn't last the length of the manufactures specs ?

Most importantly: Your AIR CONDITIONER never stops running! Using valuable energy.

If homes in DFW were to start putting in FULL HARDIE SOFFIT vents. Life Cycle's of residential roofing systems will last the manufactures specified period! Reducing waste, reducing land fill space needed, reducing out of pocket expenses for pre-mature roof replacement. Shingles require gasoline to manufacture. Texas is the worst area I've ever seen for green quality roof systems!

The good?

  • We are getting reports of significant savings in energy bills from our customers who have allowed us to redo their soffits with Hardie Vented Soffit Boards

  • We are saving space in our land fills, reducing gas usage for shingle replacement

  • We are protecting your home from condensation moisture and erosion


The above photo shows a completed Hardie Soffit Vent installed! No need to remove the gutters, no need to remove the fascia, no need to tear it all apart. Simply call us and we will be more than happy to come out and show you a sample of the Hardie Soffit Vents and give you a full estimate on your ventilation needs! This process pays for itself in no time at all and then starts saving you money and hassle year after year.

With most insurance companies raising their rates to 2% now. Most wont be able to afford to fix their roofs the next time a major storm comes through. Reducing quality of life for all of us! It our Town, its our State, its time to start caring and saving our resources!

If you have needs for a Qualified Contractor in the Dallas Ft-Worth area. 

Please don't hesitate to CONTACT US for your free consultation and evaluation


PHONE: 214-244-5349


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