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Tile Roof Systems - Tile Roof Repairs - Tile Roof Installations


Tile roof systems: For those of you who desire the look of Barrel Tile and or flat tiles roof. We have a choice selection for you in Dallas.  With years of experience behind us we can and will be able to provide to you a great selection of tiles to suit your needs. Below you will find today's leading Tile Manufacturers. We will be happy to educate you to the fullest when it comes to selecting the right tile roof system for your home. 




Tile over 1x6 plank boards gapped out? The story begins as we know back in the 70s and with never ending leaks. Now home owners are forced to remove and upgrade the tile roof with plywood and weather guard. -more-




We have noticed in Dallas a serious problem for our times. It would seem back in the 70s and 80s. Roofers were installing Tile Roofs right over plank boards or 1x4 sheathing boards. Leaving un suspecting home owners the pain of having to remove the tile roof prematurely and absorbing costs for full replacement or exchanging to a lesser roof due to over all costs.


We can salvage your tile roof and save upwards of 75% of the tile. Correcting the missing plywood problem, insuring a weather guard wrapped roof system and re-installing the existing tile roof, adding the new pieces as needed to compete the tile roof system

There are a few different types of tile roofs on the market today, original clay tiles, fired and molded still exist and are sometimes shipped in from around the world to meet home owner demands.


We've selected a few of our suppliers to demonstrate just a small sample of tile systems available today.  Click banners below to visit Top Tile Suppliers



At MonierLifetile, we don’t just think of ourselves as a roof tile company. We’re a tile roof company. What’s the distinction? It’s more than just semantics. It’s an unyielding drive to develop the most advanced roofing products, installation techniques and design tools.
 It’s the art of creating the widest selection of concrete roof tile colors, profiles and finishes. It’s the science of producing materials that can withstand the harsh tests of both a computer controlled wind tunnel and Mother Nature.

Made from the earth, US Tile clay roofing products are all natural, 100% recyclable, with a recycled material content of up to 70%, minimizing the environmental footprint and maximizing LEED credits. Our raw materials are sourced locally, insuring minimal transportation footprints as well. Featuring a wide variety of kiln-fired colors and styles, US Tiles clay roofing products are unsurpassed in aesthetics and durability, and are covered by a transferable lifetime limited warranty that includes fade* and labor* coverage. Our Cool Roof compliant colors are made from the same, kiln-fired natural materials and do not compromise on superior aesthetics, performance or cost. In fact, all of US Tiles’ environmentally conscious products are standard and do not have any cost premiums associated with them.

US Tile
Since 1981, Westile has manufactured quality roofing materials for residential and commercial applications. Westile products are used on both new construction and reroofing projects.

With manufacturing plants in Casa Grande, Arizona and Littleton, Colorado, as well as a nationwide network of distributors, Westile is close to all major traditional and non-traditional concrete roof tile markets.

Driven by customer demand, Ludowici has introduced a new offering that combines the advantages of natural clay and the beauty and aesthetics of slate.

Ludowici engineers have designed an innovative product that is lightweight (less than 600 lbs per square), fully walkable (with a breaking strength of over 400 lbs), and has all the beauty and color of traditional slate at a cost that is competitive with less dependable, mass market composite products, but with the added benefit of a 75 year warranty from a company that has been in operation in the United States for 120 years!

The color range for LudoSlate™ is the broadest on the market - a broad array of colors and blends that cover all of the classical ranges of slate, but unlike mined slate, LudoSlate™ will be able to consistently repeat the colors over time. In addition, the LudoSlate™ line includes LudoSlate Premier™ with varied widths available for those that prefer a more random appearance.

At Bartile, we recognize that much of our success is due to outstanding roofing and tile distribution partners. We can help you help your clients by providing project design assistance, verifying the amount and type of product required, installation guides and a warranty that is top in the industry. If you are looking for a tile manufacturer that provides a superior product, and stands behind every tile they make Bartile Roofing Roofing
From the graceful curves of a Metro Tile to the deep ribbed grain of Metro Shake or the uniform sleek low-profile finish of a Metro Shingle, all Metro panels create a strong weather-tight roof system that will beautify and protect virtually any property for years to come. Whether your needs are focused on just finding the right roof for your home or a perfect color for an upcoming multi-family project, a Metro roof is the smart choice. In keeping with our smart product design we have created this site to provide an intuitive and interactive introduction to the Metro family of products. Feel free to contact us for more information on Metro’s Smart Roofs for Smart People™. Metro Roof Products
With nearly a century of experience, the M.C.A label is known worldwide for its excellent reputation in producing roofing tile. M.C.A. has made a commitment to research and development, so that we can be sure every tile you purchase is state-of-the-art in design, specialization and manufactured quality. In every phase of our production and with every variety of tiles, our goal is always the same: to manufacture a clay tile that is of consistent high quality MCA
The initial cost of installing a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof may be more than with other roofing materials. However, the money a homeowner can save is significant, because a Gerard roof will be the last roof you ever buy. A Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof adds to your home’s beauty and to its resale value. Finally, insurance companies in many states will lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums by as much as 35% due to the proven protection of a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof. Gerard
Deleo Clay Tile
Since its formation in 1990 Redland Clay Tile’s manufacturing philosophy continues to this day. A philo-sophy that a 100 percent natural clay roof tile would be the only tile crafted by Redland. It is a shared value expressed by all Redland team members throughout the company.
Creating a wide selection of profiles with rich color palettes and distinctive textures takes effort. Every step of the process is carefully monitored to accurately produce the expected quality in each individual tile. Redland maintains this strict manufacturing procedure from start to finish. From the mining of Redland’s own clay to the molding, fire-flashing and careful packaging of tile, each step assures delivery of a Redland Clay Tile that is unsurpassed in beauty and quality. Clay tile that demonstrates textural and color nuances that cannot be achieved by inferior methods.
Redland Clay Tile
Vande Hey Raleigh have become master craftsmen in the art of roofmaking by creating the most beautiful custom-crafted roof tiles between the earth and sky. Today, we continue to craft roofs of distinction using a rich palette of styles and colors, a blend of
tradition and innovation, and imagination as limitless as the stars. Above all, Vande Hey Raleigh roof tiles are made with that most rare ingredient: time. In this era of mass production, we take the time to lavish each one of our tiles with handcrafted precision, the time to innovate new products and processes, and the time to develop enduring customer relationships.

Vande Hey Raleigh roof tiles are the height of beauty and innovation. Our exclusive, handcrafted tiles grace historical buildings, stately homes and office developments from the U.S. to Japan. Each of our custom-crafted tiles is inspired by your dreams and created with a blend of old-world tradition and new-world innovation.
Vande He Raleigh


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